Paintball Netting

West Coast Netting manufactures ultra-high paintball netting and netting systems, providing superior protection for your paintball field. With the force and volume of paintballs when they are shot, it is important to have protective nets that can prevent the shot from penetrating while breaking down the paintball to small parts.

West Coast Netting’s paintball netting is manufactured to meet American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM F2278-03) standards to ensure that the nets will keep players and spectators safe. Our paintball nets can withstand 10 shots at a 4” diameter circle from 15’ away @ 300 foot per second (FPS). The shell will be reduced to parts no larger than 3x5 mm. We can provide certification that our paintball netting systems meets the standard for your insurance agent.

NOTE: There is not an American Society for Testing and Materials standard for airsoft netting. West Coast Netting suggests a 35’ buffer on both sides of the net and shooting less than 300 FPS (Feet per Second). Because airsoft projectiles are so small, this net will not stop a point blank shot or shots closer than 35’.

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