Commercial Fishing Netting

West Coast Netting manufactures innovative, safe seine netting for commercial fishing applications. Our HYPERSETER netting was developed using the newest technologies to ensure a product that is environmentally responsible while providing efficient, effective fishing. As a leader in the industry, we continue to improve the netting to improve production while responding to environmental issues.

HYPERSETER netting is the fastest sinking tuna seine in the world, with a sink rate of 6.7 fathoms per minute.

West Coast Netting manufactures custom commercial fishing nets using knotless or knotted polyester, nylon or HYPERSETER mesh. We offer custom sizes and can configure the netting to meet your requirements, whether your application uses power winches, power blocks or fishing by hand in fisheries. Weights, ropes and pulley attachments are available.

The netting also can be used to keep predators out of fisheries, protecting the fish within the fishery.

West Coast’s seine nets offer a cost-effective, environmentally responsible solution for your commercial fishing net applications.

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