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West Coast Netting is a total net and netting systems provider. Since our humble beginnings we have strived to be the netting provider and installation experts that support our high-quality products. After all who is better prepared to install your netting than the company that designed and manufactured the product?

When you hire West Coast Netting, you are not only hiring a netting manufacturer, but we also fabricate our own steel poles and our crew installs them for you as well. There is no need to hire three different vendors as we do it all!

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Step #1 - Design & Engineering

  • WCN opened in 1951. Now with over 60 years of experience, West Coast Netting has a ton of ideas and methods to get you what you want.
  • We have a licensed structural engineer on staff.
  • Your designs and engineering decisions are made with practicality and cost savings in mind.
  • Standard use of AutoCAD 2006 for detailed drawings and Corel 12 for graphics.
  • Consumer, Military and Industrial applications.
  • No project too big, from 150' H steel pole structures to a suspension bridge spanning 50 feet or a NASA shuttle safety net.
  • No project too small, from a custom batting cage to a golf barrier net to protect your home or a net to keep your cat from falling off of a balcony.

Step #2 - Manufacturing & Fabrication

  • We are one of a very few number of true netting manufacturing companies still operating in America.
  • We currently operate in a 75,000 sq. ft. facility in Kingman, AZ on 10 acres of land with a second floor consisting of approx. 10,000 sq. ft.


  • We employ four netting machines for making both woven and knotted netting in any number of twine and mesh sizes.
  • We have warping, braiding and twisting capabilities in house for greater control of our netting products.
  • We can manufacture netting from almost any fiber. (Nylon, Polyester, Spectra, Vectran, Nomex, Hyperester, etc…)


  • We utilize a number of different treatment methods for the coloring and protection of the netting fibers.
  • We utilize a dye vat for the coloring of our Mason Twine and other products as well as treatment tanks for the UV and abrasion coating of our outdoor netting products.
  • We can also Flame Guard and clear coat our products for special uses.


  • Once the netting is made, we can custom fabricate it with the use of our thirty-eight sewing machines, box stitch machines, vinyl welders, slitters, etc.
  • We use a variety of vinyl, rope and webbing products to customize and finish our netting, including the addition of buckles, snaps, hooks and other requested hardware.
  • We fabricate a number of private label products for bulk sale to our retail customers.
  • From start to finish we can fabricate just about any netting product.

Steel Fabrication

  • We also fabricate our own steel poles in our pole yard and have a paint booth for greater control of our smaller customized products.
  • We house an entire fabrication shop for the manufacturing of game standards, netting cage frames and many other misc. projects.
  • Structural poles are welded, cut and fabricated by certified welders to whatever the job demands.
  • We also make handmade climbing and safety nets.
  • From the simple backyard tree-house net to the sophisticated PSB Anti-Terrorist Nets employed by the Navy around our military ports of call.
  • Nets are constructed by hand using any number of material types and diameters.

Step #3 -  Installation

  • We currently have three Kingman, AZ based crews that travel nationwide providing installation services.
  • These same crew members have been a part of the design and fabrication of our netting systems for years. What better person to have install your netting than someone who has worked with it from the start.
  • We also have a Florida based crew to help out on the East Coast. They are out of our Net House facility that we operate in Cocoa, FL.
  • Our experienced crews will provide you with the minimum amount of downtime in our industry.
  • We typically rent from local equipment companies and utilize local crane and drilling contractors if required.
  • Because we design, engineer, manufacture, fabricate and install your netting product, we are able to pass on a greater cost savings to you.

West Coast Netting has been a manufacturer of netting for over 60 years. We are a family owned and operated business that strives for long lasting customer relationships. We feel it is our attitude of putting our customer first, in every area of our operations, that has generated strong working relationships, some lasting over 40 years. Over the past decades, materials and technology in the netting industry have changed and WCN has been in the forefront of those changes. As a leader in innovation, we will continue to offer our customers the best price and product available. Whether it is in the use of new equipment, new manufacturing processes, or new designs, we will continue to reach towards the future.

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