Pond Cover Netting

West Coast Netting manufactures high quality netting used to cover ponds in industrial settings. Pond cover netting is engineered to keep birds and other animals from landing on the surface or entering the pond. They are used for industrial settings that require ponds or liquid pools, such as mining, petroleum and refining plants. Our pond netting helps keep the liquid from being contaminated and having pumps or filters fail, while protecting the wildlife from pollution or drowning.

Features of our pond cover netting include:

  • Polyester netting, which is stronger and more resistant to UV than nylon netting
  • Panels that are secured together during installation to provide a custom fit
  • Custom mesh sizes to provide the level of protection required for the pond
  • Full installation services

Custom sizes are available to meet your specific application requirements. We can install netting for ponds as small as 50’ by 50’ and as large as 500’ by 1000’.

West Coast’s protective pond cover netting offers a cost-effective, secure solution for protecting your equipment and wildlife.

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