Water Polo Netting

Water polo presents a unique application problem. The acids and chlorine found in pools can eat up an average net in no time. That is why our specially treated water polo netting uses an 18-oz. vinyl that is specifically manufactured to resist acid and chlorine for a longer goal life. Brass grommets 6" on center assure the best fit possible for our water polo netting and water polo replacement nets. West Coast Netting's perimeter netting has become a popular requirement for most pools today. By using our #36-1 3/4" or special #27-4" treated netting (for greater visibility without loss of safety) you can partition your pool to allow more than one activity. It is also great for stopping those errant shots and keeping them poolside. We can provide you with the cabling and the snap clips that will give you a great looking and functional barrier net.

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