Commercial & Military

West Coast Netting has been a proven domestic manufacturer to all branches of government for many years, winning a best supplier award from the Department of Defense in 1998. As a manufacturer West Coast Netting has the ability to meet difficult Berry Amendment contracts as both a raw material and finished products supplier. Past and current contacts include: Nomex safety nets for the NASA space shuttle program; contract to supply heavy lift 5k and 10k helicopter nets through 2013; web personnel safety nets for ship borne helicopter landing areas; in-flight refueling basket and canopies; rope helicopter lift nets for the forest service; wildlife protection netting for endangered species; netting for military sniper ghillie suits; port security barrier nets and heavy lift web cargo nets.

We make a wide variety of nets and netting systems for commercial applications. Anything ranging from fishing netting to conveyor netting, pond covers, construction twine, and bird nets, West Coast Netting has the expertise to specify and produce the right netting for any application. We only use the highest quality materials backed by industry leading assurances of workmanship and integrity. We invite you to browse our online store and purchase any item with complete confidence or contact us directly if you have special requirements, such as fishing netting. Our trained sales staff can assist you with development all the way to the installation of your netting. We look forward to serving your commercial and industrial netting needs.

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