Do you offer Free Shipping? Do you ship to Canada or Overseas?
West Coast Netting/The Net House does offer free shipping to MOST locations in the continental United States. However, extra fees may apply for shipping, freight, customs, etc. for products shipped to HI, AK, Canada and other overseas locations. We encourage customers to call us PRIOR to placing an order and we can provide an estimate on additional shipping costs. West Coast Netting/The Net House does NOT pay duties, taxes, or fees on shipments to Canada, overseas, or Hawaii/Alaska.
How much does backstop netting weigh?
Backstop netting will differ based on the yield (number of square feet per pound) of the product. Backstop netting is made in six different gauges of twine. The twine gauges and their corresponding yields are: K18ST-1 ½” = 57.6 square feet per pound; K21T-1 ¾” = 36 square feet per pound; K36T-1 ¾” = 19.5 square feet per pound; K42T-1 ¾” = 18.9 square feet per pound; K60T-1 ¾” = 12.6 square feet per pound; K96T-1 ¾” = 5.4 square feet per pound.
What are the netting options for baseball nets?
K18ST-1 ½” (Spectra Netting); K21T-1 ¾”; K36T-1 ¾”; K42T-1 ¾”; K60T-1 ¾”; K96T-1 ¾”
What is the difference between vinyl, web, and rope bound nets?
Rope binding is a 3/8” hollow braid rope that is weaved in and out of the last two mesh – this is the most durable and longest lasting border option. They are doubled for added strength and the rope goes through each mesh. Vinyl is a sewn on edging that is good for outdoor use and is a 2” finished edge; Webbing is the strongest of the two sewn on edging and gives the net a nice, clean finished look but will break down the fastest outdoors. Grommets can be set into the vinyl and webbing edges and are stronger when set in webbing.
What is the best netting to use for a golf net?
It depends on the application: indoor netting the W420DBLK-1” or the W420W-1” is recommended; outdoor barrier netting the K18T-1” or the W252T-7/8” are recommended; for outdoor impact or strong barrier netting the W420T-1” works well but will mark up the golf balls. For a non-marking outdoor golf net the W420DBLK-1” or W420W-1” (Both with Clear Coat treatment) is recommended.
What is the difference between Archery and PR20?
PR-20 is a high impact screen commonly used for golf simulators. The image quality is not as good as a regular projector screen but you can hit real golf balls into it. The PR-20 is also very commonly used as Archery netting. Archery netting is a very high impact netting, but not good for projecting onto like the PR-20 is if you are using it for a simulator.
What does Raw netting mean?
Raw Netting is net that is cut from the bale and unfinished around the edges (no border).
What is the difference between Treated and White (Untreated)?
Treated netting contains a heavy UV coating that extends the life of the netting outdoors by sealing the net from the elements. While the untreated netting does not have the additional protective coating so it will not last as long outdoors. The treatment can does rub off on certain balls when impacting the netting.
How long does it take to receive my order from West Coast Netting/The Net House?
Typical lead time before the orders can ship depends on several factors. For example treated nets take longer as they need to be treated and need time to dry. Nets with sewn on borders take longer than netting with rope edging as the sewn borders tend to take a bit longer. Larger orders tend to take longer than smaller order. The time of year is also a factor – January and February are the busiest times of the year due to baseball netting order in anticipation of spring training. Most orders can ship within 2 – 3 weeks, while others may take 4 – 6 weeks. Please see our list of in stock items that can ship in 24 hours.
What is the difference between netting sizes/strengths?
Typically netting that has a higher twine size has a higher breaking strength as the number increases. For example a knotted #21 net has a smaller twine size versus a #36 net. The only exception to this is the woven #42 netting, it is stronger and more significant in twine size versus the #420 and the #252.
Is golf barrier netting the same as golf impact netting?
No. Golf Barrier netting is typically lesser strength and twine size than impact netting, but impact netting can also be used as barrier netting (with the exception of the Archery and PR-20 netting.
Can West Coast Netting customize my net order to any size I want? What about batting cages and golf cages?
Yes. We manufacture netting in any size, including batting cages and golf cages.
Do your nets carry warranties?
We offer a 1 year manufacturers defect warranty on any product we sell. Our warranty does not cover improper installation, any other use than what the net was designed for, acts of God (U.V. damage, rain, snow, ice, or wind), or any vandalism.
What is the difference between diamond mesh and square mesh?
Diamond netting (we call it bias netting) is made where the diamonds are oriented left to right and top to bottom. Square netting (which is typically how we make custom pieces) are squares oriented left to right and top to bottom. All netting is manufactured on the bias but is cut and spliced on the square. Square netting is generally easier to install as well.
Will batting cage netting contain golf balls?
No. Batting cage netting has 1 ¾” openings which a golf ball will pass right through. We do offer a knotted #18 netting with a 1” opening that will stop golf balls and is suitable for baseball or softball.
What kind of netting material do you supply netting products from?
We typically use polyester filament and spectra (Kevlar) filament.
Can I use hardballs with a pitching machine in your batting cages?
Yes however a double back wall or some sort of pad is recommended for repeated passed balls.
Do you provide installation services?
Yes. We have three crews that operate out of our Kingman, AZ warehouse, one crew from Cocoa, FL, and one crew in Southern California.
When do I need a rope-border installed on my netting panel?
A rope border is recommended for any nets that will accept a rope edge. There are two other border options: Vinyl and Webbing which are both sewn on edges. Some nets cannot have a rope and require a sewn border. These nets are W252-3/8”, Archery netting, PR-20 netting, and windscreen products.
Do the batting cages come with frames?
The batting cage frames are sold separately. We offer a 1 ¾” galvanized steel tubing frame that requires anchors or we offer a heavy duty pole system with cables.
What are your normal office hours?
8 a.m. – 5 p.m. Monday – Friday.
What is the return/exchange policy on purchases?
Custom nets cannot be returned. Other standard products can be returned for a refund, however we do not refund shipping charges or credit card processing fees.
Can you come to my site for an assessment, and how do your installations work?
Yes, we will come to your location to assess your netting needs & requirements for a fee. The total amount of the fee depends on travel expenses.
Where do you ship from?
We ship from Kingman, AZ and Cocoa, FL.
Are your items in stock?
There are some products that are in stock, but they are specific sizes and colors. The finished, in-stock nets can ship right away. Custom netting orders have to go through our standard order process which takes between 1–6 weeks depending on the product, size of netting, and customization needed.
Do you price-match?
Our prices are very comparable to other netting that is made from premium materials like Nylon, Polyester, and Spectra. The prices of these types of material is considerably higher than HTPP (high tenacity poly propylene) or HTPE (high tenacity poly ethylene) both of which are inferior and lesser expensive products to the others listed. In addition, we make our netting in the US, many other companies import their netting from overseas.
Do you sell nets in different colors?
Treated nets are available in several different colors: white, black (standard), red, blue, yellow, dark green, olive green, and desert sand (tan color). Solution dyed nets are black and not treated and we also offer untreated white netting for most products.
Will the 1-3/4 inch mesh stop a lacrosse ball or hockey puck?
We recommend 1 ½” for lacrosse and hockey which we also carry.
Do you offer repair kits?
We do offer repair twine and lacing needles found on the Netting Installation Hardware and Accessories page.
Can I request a catalog?
Absolutely, please fill out a questionnaire form found here.
Are your nets weather treated or UV treated?
Yes, the treated nets are treated for weather and UV.

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