Simulator Series Golf Cage - Standard Model 10'h X 14'6"w X 12'd

We start with a high strength 1 3/4" steel frame and give you the option of keeping the galvanized finish or having the frame and fittings painted or powder coated. The new design features high strength corner fittings with welded on gussets and no horizontal bar across the floor in the back of the enclosure. This design makes the unit more lightweight, mobile, and safe from the frame being struck by balls. The projector mount option can be ordered which increases the depth of the cage by 1' because of the added pipe for the canopy. The netting on the sides and top of the cage are made from our #420 premium solution dyed black or white impact netting with the highest strength archery netting in the back of the cage. It is designed in a way to keep the netting from striking the frame uprights. 14" Velcro straps are installed 12" apart around the top edge, front opening, and the rear vertical edges. We use only the best simulator screen products available on the market today. The PR-100 blended fabric has stunning video quality, high strength, lower noise when impacted as compared to other screens on the market, and is removable and washable. The PR-20 is a fraction of the cost and is a great low noise, high impact screen, but some video quality is lost due to the texture of the PR-20 as compared to the PR-100. Additionally, the PR-20 will stretch creating some puckering pockets in locations that receive more impact, which can distort image quality. PR-100 also comes in max height of 10' while the PR-20 is 8'4". Lastly, there is an option available for a blackout cover made from 600 denier polyester blackout material to fully enclosure the outside of the frame, hiding and darkening everything inside of the enclosure. This can be ordered with or without the blackout cover. Dimensions of the Standard Simulator Series Cage: The outside frame dimensions are 10' h X 14'6"w X 12'd. The netting dimensions are 11'h X 13'6"w X 11'd. The impact screen viewable size is 10'h X 13'6"'w.

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