PR-40 HQ Impact Screen/High Definition Simulator Screen


This material is the top of our line in impact/simulator High Definition screens. It offers limited noise and great ball strike absorption. In addition, it provides a High Quality Image that can double as a home theater screen. It can be up to 11' (132") seamless in height and requires no backstop net. Custom finishing is available, but no warranty is offered. Flame proofing is not an option for this product.

If you would like hook and/or loop edging, please contact us for a quote.  

Many clients ask the difference between archery netting, PR-20 and PR-40.  The photos shown depict the difference between each.  These photos were taken inside a dark office on 2' strips of each product using a basic projector with a standard computer image.  They were hung with bungee cords for the best quality possible.   The main differences are as follows: Less light passes through the PR-40 vs. the PR-20 giving a brighter image and smoother screen surface.

The PR-40 provides the highest quality image, smooth surface of fabric and very little to no loss in brightness due to bleed through.  Furthermore, the PR-40 will provide the quietest sound upon impact from golf ball.

The PR-20 is a high to great quality image with smooth surface of fabric.  At close range, you can see the rough texture of the fabric, with some bleed-through of image through the screen or to wall behind screen. This results in some loss of brightness of the projected image.

The Archery Netting is the lowest quality image of all and allows the most light and bleed-through.

If you are looking for High-Definition or 4K quality image or a "movie under the stars" quality product, we recommend the PR-40. If you own a "middle of the road" projector, we suggest the PR-20.  Both products have similar life expectancy and durability and each will depend on the frequency of use, quality of golf balls being used and level of players using each product.

Archery = No Simulator or Low-end Simulator

PR-20 = Mid to High-end Simulator

PR-40 = High-end Simulator


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